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How to appraise CAM information

Evidence, in the field of medicine and medical care, is a verification result (proof) showing the probability of whether a certain treatment method is safe and effective against a certain disease.

People usually tend to judge things by their own image. Also, any person, under stress or anxiety, will tend to believe what you want to believe. When you become worried it may become impossible to remain calm and well-reasoned. You may become willingly dependent on information that may seem to alleviate your anxiety.
When you come in contact with some new information about a complementary and alternative therapy, stop for a moment and ask, “Is it true?” And don’t respond immediately. Let’s learn the habit of asking and thinking.
Here are “10 tips on how to Appraise Information” that are useful in this situation

10 tips on how to appraise information

  1. Start by asking, “What is the basis for that?”
  2. Check for information bias
  3. Look out for numerical tricks
  4. Pay careful attention to the “denominator”
  5. Consider multiple causes
  6. Determine the causal relationship
  7. Look for control groups
  8. Don’t take for granted information found on line
  9. Check the information source
  10. Look at both sides
One More Step Forward: How to Appraise Information

Updated: March 28, 2015

Released: March 28, 2014